Opening Views in 3D

Open/Load a View

Clicking a View will load the View in 3D.  If the models in the view are not loaded when clicking a View, they will be loaded accordingly. Any extra models that aren’t needed are just hidden, so that switching between remains smooth and doesn’t always require the model to be loaded/unloaded.

The latest version of the model is loaded by default.

To load a View

The View will be loaded in 3D.

Load a View with Original Models

Since there can be several versions of a model in the same project, there is also an option to load the view using the original model, meaning the model version used at view creation. Otherwise, the view will be loaded using the currently used version of the model.

To load a View with the original model versions

The saved View is reverted to use the original model versions that were used to create the View.

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