Topics Listing

About the Topics Listing

The Topics tab is used to create and manage Topics to communicate information with all stakeholders throughout the project.

The Topics list displays the Topics added to the project. You can add Topics and collaborate with other project members. Topics are visible to all project members.

Show Topics in 3D

Enable the “Show Topics in 3D” option at the top of the Topics listing to display the Topic Marker icons in 3D.

This makes it possible to see visually in 3D where the listed Topics are located.

Important: The Topic 3D Marker is a Trimble Connect Topic feature. The BCF Topics standard does not support markers. This means that the markers are available in the Trimble Connect context. When importing or exporting Topics using the buildingSMART BCF-XML file format, then the Markers are not included. 

Marker Behavior

When the Topics listing is visible and the “Show Topics in 3D” option is turned on, then multiple marker icons are displayed in 3D. 

Other important notes

Search Topics

Topics can be searched by using the search field. Only Topics that are matching the search will be shown in the results.

Search for a keyword in: 

To search

The list will be filtered.

Sorting Topics

By default, Topics are sorted by Date created (latest Topic on top).

You can sort Topics by Assignee, Author, Creation date, Date modified, Priority, Status and Title

To sort the Topics listing

The listing order will be updated.

Filter Topics

Filter Topics by the ones that have been assigned to you or all Topics in the project

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