Layers Listing


When drawings and/or models with Layer information are loaded in the 3D Viewer, geometry visibility can be managed through the new Layers panel on the left side of the application.

The Layers panel will be visible when any drawing (DWG) or 3D model is loaded and has at least one layer. Layer visibility can be managed from the panel or by selecting entities in 3D space.

Search Layers 

Use the search function to search for specific Layers based on Layer Name. You can then use the Change visibility function to Isolate, Show all or Hide all the layers in the search results.

To search layers

The panel will filter results as you type.

Selecting Layers

To select layers

Note: Selecting layers in the panel does not select the layer in the 3D space.

To select a layer in 3D

Note: Only single selection of layers in 3D is supported

Context Menu Functions

Right click one of the layers listed in the panel to open the context menu.

Isolate the selected layer(s)
Isolates the CAD entity or BIM geometry assigned to the layer. This also works with multiple selected entities or geometries - the combination of Layers will in this case be isolated in the viewer.

Unisolate the selected layer(s)
If the layers were isolated, this will remove them from being isolated.

Show all the selected layer(s)
If the layers were hidden from the 3D View, this will show them again.

Hide all the selected layer(s)
If the layers were visible in the 3D View, this will hide them from the 3D View.

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