Working with Object Groups

What are Object Groups?

Object groups are clusters of 3D elements that are of grouped together because they have the same property attribute.

Using the Data Table, you can group 3D elements by any of the properties associated to the object.

Navigating Object Groups

For the object group, there is an arrow on the left side of the row, which allows you to expand or collapse the group when clicked. The number next to the object group name indicates how many objects are in the group.

Once expanded, objects in the group are shown under the group.

Context Menu Functions

Right click on a row in the Data Table to open the Context Menu.

Select in 3D  
Selects the objects in 3D.

Export to CSV  
Exports the selection to a CSV file.

Save to Organizer  
Saves the selection to Organizer. (Requires a Business Premium or higher license).

Colorize Groups
Colorizes the selection.

Copies the data from the selection. 

Change Object Grouping

Use the Group by feature to group objects by any attribute existing in the project. 

Drag & drop column names to the Group by area on top of the table to create different groupings. In the example below, objects have been first grouped by class, then by material. 

To change the grouping


If you have more than level of grouping already, you can reorder the chips to change the grouping.

Colorize Object Groups

Objects can be colored from the Data Table using the Colorize groups button. Objects are colorized according to the current grouping. This can be very useful for models that may have many objects that are the same color. 

Sorting Object Groups

Sorting can be ascending or descending. This is indicated by the arrows next to the column used to do the current sorting.