Working with DWG XREFs

When loading a DWG model that contains references to other DWG files inside your project, all referenced files will be loaded automatically in the 3D Viewer.

In order for the DWG XREFs to be detected, the DWG models must have been uploaded to the Trimble Connect project after June 17, 2021. If the models have been uploaded prior to this date they must be re-uploaded in order to have them automatically load in the 3D Viewer.

Accessing XREFs 

DWG XREFs are visible from the Selected models mode. 

You can see the list of referenced DWG files by clicking the arrow shown before the visibility control.

Broken XREF File Paths 

The DWG XREFs feature finds the referenced models based on the relative paths. The DWG model paths must match the Trimble Connect project folder structure. 

Moving files to a different folder in your project will not update the relative paths. 

XREF Visibility

To hide/unload a single XREFs

When a referenced model is turned off, you will see a strikethrough the name in the XREF hierarchy. 

You can also change the visibility by clicking the visibility button shown next to DWG file in the models list. 

To hide/unload multiple XREFs