Display & Performance

Graphics & Model Settings

The slider control allows you to choose between different performance settings ranging from maximum rendering performance to maximum visual quality

Memory Usage

Limit the amount of memory being consumed by this application by enabling this setting.

Please note - this should only be used if you are experiencing issues that result in the application crashing, as it will have an impact to the performance of the application.


For the optimal performance, choose how many objects with attachments should be loaded. Attachments (files, ToDos and URLs) can be linked to hundreds or thousands of objects in a model. In some projects, there may be more objects with attachments than a specific device and browser combination can reasonably load.

In this case, it is recommended to adjust the upper limit of how many linked objects the 3D Viewer tries to load.

When setting the limits on how many linked objects can be loaded, some of the linked objects may not appear in the Attachments Panel—this does not mean the object is no longer linked to an attachment, as you will be able to see the object and associated attachments in the 3D View.


When updating the settings, refreshing the web page is required before the settings will take effect.

Settings for Computers

Settings for Mobile

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