Clash Sets Listing

About the Clash Sets Listing

All the clash sets that you have created will be listed in the Clash Sets panel. From there you will be able to view the results, re-run tests and share results with other project members.

What are Clashes?

A clash is a structural conflict within a 3D model. Clash reports provide detailed Views of the clashes in the 3D model, showing a clearance as a positive measurement and a clash as a negative measurement.

Search Clash Sets

Clash sets can be searched by using the search field (click the search button to open the search box). Only clash sets that are matching the search will be shown in the results. 

Search Parameters: Clash set title

To search

The list will be filtered as you type.

Sorting Clash Sets

By default, clash sets are sorted by date created (latest on top).

You can sort clash sets by Date created and Name.

To sort the Views listing

The listing order will be updated.

Filter Clash Sets

You can filter clash sets by listing all the clash sets from all models in the project (that you have created or been shared with you), or only show clash sets that have been created from the models you are viewing. 

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