Model Hierarchies

Working with Hierarchies

When a model contains a hierarchy, an arrow will be shown before the visibility control so you can expand or collapse the hierarchy.

Model objects' visibility and color can be customized from any level of a hierarchy the same way you can for the model itself, by using the Visibility and Color colors in the selection toolbar.

Accessing Hierarchies 

Model hierarchies are visible from the Selected models mode. Then expand the model hierarchy by clicking the small arrow in front of the model name.

Note that the model must be visible before the hierarchy tree can be expanded.

Selection Behavior

You can now select the model from the models panel with a single click! When the model is selected, the selection toolbar will be displayed. The count shown in the toolbar correlates to how many top level hierarchies are in the model. 

To select multiple hierarchy nodes

Show or Hide Hierarchy Nodes

Quickly change the visibility of hierarchy nodes through the context menu (accessed by right clicking after making a selection). 

Visibility Options

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