Exporting Data

Export to CSV

Once you have customized the Data Table to show the columns and content you want, you can easily export that data to a CSV for further user. 

There are two way to export the data, by either exporting the entire table or just a selection.

Export the entire Data Table

Export a selection from the Data Table

Choosing What to Export

The data table has new options for exporting as CSV: The “Export to CSV (current groupings)” is a new option which exports only the currently visible top level groups. The “Export to CSV (no groupings)” exports all rows in the table.

Export to CSV (no grouping)

When using this option, only the lowest level items in the data table will be exported.

Export to CSV (current grouping)

When using this option only the rows which contain the group information will be exported.

Please note 

This requires at least the data to be grouped by at least 1 property (as seen in the Group by section) 

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