ToDo Attachments

Reference Types

Topics support 3 reference types, and depending on the type of reference and your permissions, different functions will be available for each.

Project Files
Attached project files always point to the latest version of the file stored in the Connect Project.  

Supported actions: View, Download, Locate in Explorer, Remove

Uploaded Files
Uploaded files are not visibility stored in the Connect Project. They do however support versions if you upload the same file.

Supported actions: View, Download, Remove

Links (URLs)
Hyperlinks items can be added to a Topic.

Supported actions: Open (in new tab), Remove

Add References

Add Project File References

To add project file references

Add Local File References

To add local file references

Add Link References

To add link references

Downloading References

To download a file reference

To download all file references

Removing References

CAUTION: Removing references cannot be undone. 

To remove a reference

To remove all references

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