Opening ToDos in 3D

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Open a ToDo

All of the ToDo's details and functions can be accessed through the detail panel. Selecting a ToDo created in the 3D Viewer from the ToDo listing will automatically open the detail panel and load the models related to the ToDo.

To open a ToDo

  1. Load a model in Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer.

  2. Open the the ToDo tab.

  3. Select the ToDo you want to view.

The ToDo's embedded View will be loaded and the detail panel will open.

ToDo Details

The ToDo detail panel will include the basic information:

  1. ToDo label & title

  2. Edit1

  3. ToDo Embedded View,

  4. Action buttons: Update2, Mark as closed3

  5. Details Section

      1. Description

      2. Due date

      3. Type

      4. Priority

      5. Status

      6. Assigned to

      7. Created by and time stamp

      8. Modified by and time stamp

  6. Tags

  7. Attachments

  8. Linked Model Objects



  1. Depending on permissions.
  2. Depending on permissions.
  3. Depending on permissions.