Isolating & Unisolating Layers

Isolate Layers from the Layers Panel

You can isolate a single layer or multiple layers in the Layers Panel by

  • Searching for layers and using the Change visibility function

  • Clicking the overflow menu button for a layer and select Isolate layer

  • Multi-selecting layers and opening the context menu and selecting Isolate layer

Isolate Layers from the 3D View

Select a CAD entity or a BIM element and isolate the Layer it is assigned to. This also works with multiple selected entities or elements - the combination of Layers will in this case be isolated in the viewer.

Unisolate Layers


These instructions assume that you have already isolated layers in Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer.

To unisolate all layers

  1. Open the layers panel.

  2. Switch to the Isolated layers view.

  3. Open the Change visibility dropdown menu.

  4. Select Unisolate all layers.

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