Document History

The following page describes important additions to the Trimble Connect Browser's 3D Viewer documentation starting in 2020. We also update the documentation frequently to address the feedback that you send us.

Updates to documentation — Jun 21, 2022

Added documentation for:

Connect for 3D Viewer Updates  — March 15, 2023 - New 3D Viewer URL

Connect for 3D Viewer Updates  — Feb 3, 2023 - Account Level Data Table Presets

Connect for 3D Viewer Updates  — December 13, 2022

Connect for 3D Viewer Updates  — November 03, 2022

Connect for 3D Viewer Updates  — Sept 1, 2021

Connect for 3D Viewer Updates  — Aug 13, 2021

Documentation added for adding background images to 3D View

Connect for 3D Viewer 1.0.175  — Mar 15, 2021

New clip plane feature added for rotating a clip plane. 

New Export to CSV options added for Data Table.

New settings for performance

New sort option for ToDos added.

Summing properties in the Data Table — Jan 19, 2021

Ability to auto-calculate properties (of numerical values) has been added. 

Data table export to CSV — Jan 08, 2021

Clarification / update to behavior of export when items are selected.

Area selection improvements; Clipping on a path — Jan 01, 2021

DWG settings added — Dec 03, 2020

Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer User Guide created — Nov 02, 2020

Original guide created in PDF format.