Using Presets

Creating Presets

If you need to frequently look at particular properties for a model, you can create a Preset from your column configuration. 

To create a new preset

3. Open the Columns Dialog to create the configuration you want.

4. Click Save as new preset.

5. You will be required to name it. Hit the Enter key to confirm the name and save.

6. If you need to update or make changes to one of your presets, simply make the necessary changes and then hit Save

7. Now that you have defined presets, you can quickly change view in the data table by switching to a different preset. 

Sharing Presets

Easily create presets that can be used by others in the project by clicking the Share with project members checkbox. The preset will now be visible to others in the project. 

Note: Only the creator of the shared preset will be able to make changes to it.